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Information Technology is a dynamic field and thus continuously learning new technologies becomes a necessity. Students are on the lookout for competent trainers who can teach IT courses at reasonable prices. IT trainers and even IT professionals are interested in teaching regularly or as a part-time gig. With TeamUpz, students post their learning needs and find trainers offering their services at competitive prices.

Seekers: Students looking to learn new technology or application

Solvers: Trainers or professionals interested in imparting online training


Whether it is searching for the first job or switching jobs later, job hunt is always a daunting period with lots of questions, self-doubt and unknowns.  With TeamUpz, job hunters can connect with experts from the same field for any job-related help such as resume review, mock interview, references, recommendations and even full on-the-job support for a period.

Seekers: Job hunter looking for help with interview, resume or on-the-Job support

Solvers: Experts willing to help Seekers and earn money


It is very common for people to get stuck at work with technical problems. Most of the times even ‘googling’ for such problems doesn't give any fruitful leads. When you are facing such a scenario or are under a deadline, TeamUpz can get you quick solutions from experienced professionals of the field. 

Seekers: Anyone looking to solve a problem or complete a project under time crunch

Solvers: Experts willing to help Seekers and earn money

If you are a small business owner or a vendor, you preference is not full-time employees but part-time contractors who can help you on project basis. If you are an IT professional, you can take such opportunity to earn some extra money on the side and even to network. TeamUpz is perfect platform bringing both parties together.

Seekers: Small Business, Entrepreneurs or Vendors with Projects

Solvers: Experts looking for well-paying part-time jobs


A Manager is given a new technology project to complete with time and budget limitations. With budget restrictions, manager can't hire full-time consultants and at same time can't rely completely on his team's current skills. However, he can hire experts at TeamUpz for Micro Consulting for tasks such as - idea validation, technical architecture review, version compatibility, quick team training or technical support.

Seekers:  Project managers, technical leaders or business executives

Solvers: Subject-Matter-Experts looking for consulting opportunities

Beyond Freelancers

What do you do if you need help learning a new Technology or a Job Support for Enterprise Applications such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce. is your answer to find experts.

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Solvers are looking for new opportunities. Solvers bid projects and deliver the work to Seekers. Upon Seekers acceptance, Solvers get paid 100%. No Transaction Fees.

Seekers with needs

Seekers are looking for help from Experts. They Post a Project with budget range and experts will be notified to bid on your project. You get to filter and select a Solver for your needs.

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